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Foto Casa del Generale

La Corte dei Cavalieri (The Knights’ Court) is the perfect place for those who love to be totally immersed into the atmosphere of the city that hosts them, staying in a typical house of the Sassi: the old districts of the city of Matera have dwellings partly carved in the rock and partly built in multiple combinations, modified over a long period of time, to adapt them to the changing needs of their inhabitants.

The four apartments making up ” La Corte dei Cavalieri ” represent the evolution of a peculiar way of life in the Sassi, that the architectural restoration work carried out until now has kept fully recognizable. A recent and careful renovation work has turned this ancient housing complex into modern, functional, comfortable and tastefully furnished apartments.

The Knights’ Court is named after the historic and picturesque “Knights of Maria Santissima della Bruna”, patroness of Matera; they form, according to tradition, the guard of honor of the “triumphal chariot”, parading every year, on July 2nd carrying the statue of the Madonna.

La Corte dei Cavalieri is located in the district of “Le Conche,” so called for the presence of numerous ancient large water tanks ( “conche”) some still visible in their structure. The apartments overlook the place where in the eleventh century stood, according to an ancient tradition, the house of St. John of Matera, on which, afterwards, was built the ancient church dedicated to the saint.

The extraordinary location of the complex will allows guests to live in the heart of the Sassi and appreciate the atmosphere and its most characteristic spots; at the same time, its position makes for easy access to services and cultural sites situated in Matera’s historic center.

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House of the General

The apartment, which offers sleeping accommodation for 4 persons, has two large rooms with vaulted ceilings and full of light. One of them has a fireplace made of tufa, a little balcony and a terrace from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Madonna dell’ Idris.

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House of the Bugler

The apartment consists of a large room partly built and partly carved into the tufa, which preserves the atmosphere  of the traditional Sassi dwelling  (the “lamione”). While offering all the comforts, the furniture is in keeping with the character of the traditional house.

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